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Are you a pooper, scooper, pointer, or passersby? Have you ever heard about a dog and a soccer field? It is a great story, and I have used it for a staff learning opportunity.

I love designing great presentations, workshops, events, and celebrations. It is so important not to waste the time of others when you are asking them to be present. Make it the best time ever!

There it is....poop! It is right there in the middle of the soccer field. A man walking his dog was just here, and that dog must have pooped on our field.

What are we going to do?

I don't know, as the team of boys walks around the poop and then heads back to the school.

A group of kids comes running by the pile of poop when one sees the poop and points at it. “Look, everyone; there is poop, don't step in it.”

Another group sees the kids as they all start pointing at the poop on the field. This group of kids passes on by without saying or doing anything.

Then out comes two groups with a soccer ball. They want to play. The poop is still on the field, but this group works together to get some tools to clean the poop off the area so they could play soccer. The game began!

My story is different than the book, but it contains the same message and lesson.

After I tell my story, I say to the participants you will notice on your tables are scoopers. Now that we have heard this story, what are our thoughts? Are we scoopers, poopers, pointers, or passersby? If we saw poop, trash, or something in the hallway, would we point, walk around it, tell someone else or scoop it up? With the right tools, of course!

Here is another question. As we begin to work on improvement plans, what role will you play? Will you point out problems, scratch your head and walk around the issues, or scoop up to the table to dig in?

It takes collaboration between all of us to get the tasks complete. If you are willing to be part of our team, take your scoop and see what you can scoop up from the can so we can begin.

Look at all of those hugs and kisses you scooped up! You have to love Hershey! Plus, all of those teacher supplies for your classroom. Wow!

There is so much more you can do with this story and lessons to provide from Kindergarten to adult. It is a lesson of leadership, teamwork, kindness, and more. The link below will allow you to hear the read-aloud.

I did a similar activity with my middle school staff. I purchased cat litter pooper scoopers at the local dollar store along with the chocolate. I placed them on all of the tables. If you know middle school staff, we are a little crazy. We have to be to keep up with the kids!

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