It’s the final countdown

Posted by Brenda Yoho

It is exciting when you have a countdown to completing something! Students think it will not be long now, and school will be done in time for summer fun. I am thinking about other things!

I am down to 6 more radiation treatments! I am so thankful and blessed. I have received the best care and support during this time. The picture is of the treatment area. Let me describe it for you as the patient.

When I first enter the room, I have two individuals who greet me and ask me about my day and questions to help ease my nerves. Typically there is a white sheet over the center table. This is where I lay. It is a little tricky!

I have to take out my right arm because my treatment targets the right breast. My head goes into the red area, and my bottom is where the hump is located (which makes it hard to get on the table). My arms rest on the armrest above my head. I turn my head as far as I can to the left. One technician places a knee cushion under my knees. Then we begin to get aligned for the treatment. They have already identified three small tattoos to line up the lasers to ensure the radiation is targeted to the right areas. The sheet allows them to lift me and move me according to the measurements to align with the lasers. When everything is lined up, the ladies leave, and we begin.

The table moves back, and the machine (the blue) begins to rotate around. It stops, makes a buzzing sound, then clicks, buzzzzzzzzz, and then moves and repeats this three times. You do not feel anything during the treatment. The process for me takes around 15 minutes.

I will take some additional pictures for you this week to give you more insight into the behind-the-scenes look of the treatment process. One important thing you cannot see in this picture is the camera right above the table. The camera sends a live feed to the next room with a bank of monitors so the technicians can monitor the treatment.

I will tell you; I described this to my family and friends as my first ever Playboy photoshoot. It felt like I was experiencing something I would never in a million years do. I am an individual that wears two shirts because I think the first layer is too thin. Now I am lying on a table, hands over my head and a camera hooked up for all to see. I had no tattoos before, and now I do. This has taken me to a whole new level!

You have to find ways to laugh through the process and make the best of the situation you are in. The people taking care of me are the best! Make Monday more of a day to begin a week full of meaningful conversations, actions, and memories. Mine will start with gratitude as my friend Jeanette takes me to my treatment. We like to get ice cream after treatment!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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