It can't be

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Do you ever find yourself questioning? How could this happen? I do not understand. What I am seeing, hearing, it can’t be…… There are many things we are experiencing right now we cannot understand, but let’s work on breaking down how we handle situations or information we think it can’t be!

Fear is our most powerful emotion. Fear causes psychological changes, which result in behavioral responses. We have heard of fight or flight responding to situations we want to escape, like threatening conditions or danger. Our fear can produce additional anxiety, and conditional fear as society or the environment influences our feelings towards something. We have seen fear used to control others for decades.

What have you experienced in life, and fear took over your thinking? My example would be receiving a phone call from my doctor to deliver my biopsy results. I have had several biopsies done before, so I had no fear of the phone call. Then he began to deliver the news I was not prepared to hear. I am thankful my husband was with me to listen to what I said; it can't be.

It is....

When we understand the fear we have is something we need to face, we have several choices to make in how to respond to overcome fear. We also must make sure the fear we have is genuine. In a society full of ways to reach out to us 24/7, understanding all facts is our best defense and offense.

  • Identify reliable sources to gather information
  • Take time to calm, reflect and regain stability before moving forward
  • Facing the fears you have is always a great way to overcome
  • Organize a support system; you need help from others
  • Talk about it with trusted support members
  • Get plenty of sleep, nutrition, and exercise
  • Connect for spiritual guidance
  • Journal writing

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

I understand how......

I understand how it can't be, but it is, and the way we can handle all situations we face. It is acceptable to experience temporary fear in situations, and in some cases, our fears are prompted by social pressure. I have heard the coined phrases of “groupthink” and influences from social media. It is in how our mindsets focus on handling the information we see, hear and understand.

My mindset is focused on solutions and always wanting to “fix” everything in life. However, the “fix” everything is not always possible. The solution often lies in how we react, respond and responsibly handle the situations we face. Cancer humbles everyone. Covid-19 seems to bring an array of responses from individuals. Combine both, and you may receive a reaction of panic. However, the response from me was, “It can't be.” This prompted my thoughts on how we react to situations we do not expect.

Steps to take

  • Acceptance- One of the first things we need to understand is there will always be things we can control and something we cannot. We need to accept what we can do in our situations.
  • Educate- Gather all of the information about the situation.
  • Determine Goals- Set goals to achieve “wins” in the situation. A complete win over the problem may not be possible, but little success can be achieved.
  • Lessons- Understand in life, we experience different hardships at times. Knowing in each experience, we have opportunities to gain knowledge to share with others.
  • Positive Growth Mindset- Maintaining a positive mindset and surrounding yourself with positivity will keep growing as part of your life.

Be part of the solution by being a “Thought Leader.” Think your thoughts, be in charge of your destination with the choices you make and the reactions you have to situations beyond your control. Faith, hope, and pray as you practice self-care to keep you ready for all of life’s it can't be!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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