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The world changes daily, as we know from experience. It can catch us unprepared for the unexpected or resilient in the face of despair. In our life journey, we have many occasions to help us grow or to push us down. It is the opportunities we embrace that can move us forward to gain success.

During your life, have you had others who have guided or helped you? Most likely, if you are like most of us, the answer is yes! Many individuals cross our paths in life at just the right time to decide to take a chance, pass it up, or investigate more by asking questions.

In my career, I have been blessed with lots of guidance and support. I still seek and receive it! However, I have also been able to provide it, create opportunities for others to experience internships, and work with communities to create more opportunities for others.

The article I have included is about how high school and college can work together to reach students who did not recognize all of the choices they had to match the skills they could enhance.

Speaking with a former boss, we talked about pushing students into curriculum content they were not ready to receive, causing them to feel even more frustration and failure. It is time to stretch our thinking with decisive meaning into meeting children where they are, build a solid foundation and place emphasis on student needs. It is great to write it, say it, but let's do it every day for the rest of the child's academic year each year!

Can you build some internships, partnerships or connect with the community projects? Experience helps children learn about other careers, jobs, trades, and businesses they may want to create. Technology is a massive industry. A great way to keep relevance in the classroom is by utilizing technology. We experienced this need during the global pandemic.

Looking at ways we can continue to be the solution daily, helping children build a strong foundation as they grow. The article below provides a look at a way to support students from school, college, careers and community.

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