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Posted by Brenda Yoho

It is nice sometimes to find a quite space and place to enjoy nature. The beauty of the world around us often passed by quickly without a linger of time to see….a new fawn stumbling to rise, the flowers blooming, an eagle perched high on the tree looking over the fields and the butterfly landing on the bush just for them.

In March 1963, American mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz published a paper which established the basis of chaos theory.

He argued that a tiny change in the initial conditions of a weather model can create a significantly different outcome. He described what would be forever known as the butterfly effect: the idea that small changes can have large consequences.

The purpose of his provocative question, he said, was to illustrate the idea that some complex dynamical systems exhibit unpredictable behaviors. Small variances in the initial conditions could have profound and widely divergent effects on the system’s outcomes. Because of the sensitivity of these systems, outcomes are unpredictable. This idea became the basis for a branch of mathematics known as chaos theory, which has been applied in countless scenarios since its introduction.

Andy Andrews is the author of The Butterfly Effect which he presents about in the video, is a great book to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. It is a reminder of the difference you make with every choice and action you take. There is a short video at Simple Truths to provide an inspirational look at the value you bring each day.

In my daily devotions, I find messages of making the time intentional to spend alone in prayer, reading scripture and listening to hear the guidance we need.

It may feel like you are not making a difference, but you are. I try to do my best at telling others when they are doing great things, but we all get busy in life. If no one has told you thank you, let me tell you “Thank You.” Every job is important! Being a parent is important! You are important. If you have not told someone how much you appreciate them, please do. They need to hear it just like you do.

It was hot yesterday, and I placed some heavy stuff in my car. Just as I finished up, a man came over and said, “I got you, ma’am.” He took my cart and put it up for me. I must have looked really hot! (Temperature) I am a grandmother!

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