Inspire Wednesday

Posted by Brenda Yoho

It is so important to look through many lenses in our life. We have the opportunity to have the ability to take the time to be so open-minded as we respect others' thoughts. Our responsibility is still to remain true to our core beliefs and values.

Maya Angelou is one of my favorites in bringing a thought forward to inspire us to keep in mind our foundation. Look back at our history and remember it is history. It is done. We can not relive those days, redo those days and must take the lessons learned as we move forward in a forgiving way. Eva Kor was the best teacher I had for this life lesson, and so blessed to have known her as a survivor of the Holocaust.

This a reminder to continue to look forward to the future with the hope of what will be and the purpose of the life we will live as we continue to draw from the support systems we have in place. Maya Angelou always reminded me of my daily devotions to seek prayerfully as each day begins and ends with gratitude.

Living in this moment to be the best we can be is what matters the most. As we shared Thanksgiving at our daughter's home, the grandkids left our side while watching a movie to join mom and dad at the table. They were beginning a game of Yahtzee. I could see all of them from where I sat and watched with joy. They laughed, had big smiles, talked, taking turns, and my little one was so proud as dad said, “Look, MooMoo, he wrote his name at the top of his scorecard.” I never wanted to miss a minute of any of our time together as we were holding the grand dogs. So grateful!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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