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What is imperfection? The meaning of this word leads you to think about perfection. If it is not perfect, then it must be a form of imperfection. Maybe a fault, a scar, damage of some kind to make us think it is not perfect. How do we judge these things? Do you do this with everything in life? Let's explore imperfection and how it impacts our lives, the lives of those we serve, and those who watch us!

“Courage, compassion, and connection seem like big, lofty ideals. But in reality, they are daily practices that, when exercised enough, become these incredible gifts in our lives. And the good news is that our vulnerabilities are what force us to call upon these amazing tools. Because we’re human and so beautifully imperfect, we get to practice using our tools on a daily basis. In this way, courage, compassion, and connection become gifts--the gifts of imperfection.”~Brene’ Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection, pg. 1-2

Leaders have a difficult time allowing anyone to see flaws or imperfections. In their minds, this leads them to believe they are not worthy of leading. In reality, when we are our authentic selves, individuals connect with ease. It can be the first step in building trust as we model acceptance in who we are and recognize the strengths imperfections can bring.

It is essential to point out that courage is the character trait that is needed the most before you can actively practice anything else. I have learned this from listening to Maya Angelou and in all of the reading from so many great leaders. If we think about this, we can see it clearly in all of the practices of the great leaders we know. Each of them have had courage as their foundation.

So much to learn, accept and understand as we dig deeper into our imperfections. If you have not experienced Brene’ Brown, please pick up her books, follow her on Twitter or connect on another media platform.

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