I was wrong! How many leaders can say this?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

We want to hear our leaders say those three words when they have made an error or mistake. Many will quickly speak those words, and those will dance around to avoid them. Well, I want to tell you I have been wrong. I look back over things I have stated and the wording used. It is imperative to develop your language, so it expresses your points and positions clearly. Working with my editor, I am learning the importance of crafting your words so they give enough details; readers understand clearly the position, points, and foundation you are establishing.

In the past, I have talked a great deal about accepting changes and being open to new ideas. I still believe this is true, but I need to add more to this statement. Change and new ideas can not conflict with the beliefs, values, and core principles you have established. The importance of staying true to yourself and being authentic is priceless.

I am seeing and hearing fear when it comes to today's changes. The cancel culture, name calling, and labeling of others because they choose not to go along with a narrative, beliefs, or changes is not the American way.

What happened to the art of debate? I am not talking about the level of name-calling, dirt digging, and low blows you can punch. The factual points, claim, reason, support, and warrant. What problem, why do we have this problem, what solutions can we use to resolve the issue, and how do we know?

Stand on a platform and foundation. Do not be afraid to try new things, but be cautious of where they may lead. Always ask questions. Why? What if? I will provide one educational example I was part of during my career.

The whole language was the new shiny thing as I joined the staff working with children with reading difficulties. Everyone switched from teaching phonics to whole language. Did this switch help to improve reading for all children? If you look at the statistics, you will find the answer is no.

I want to know your thoughts about change. What changes are happening you are not comfortable with, and are you making the changes or not? Are you afraid to voice an honest opinion on changes that are happening? I will reference one of my posts, Good Enough, from this week when I talk about those who survived traumatic events. The courage they had to survive these events I cannot do justice to in the words I write. Charlie Dukes stayed a prisoner of war to go on to write about in his book Good Morning: but the Nightmares Never End Hardcover – December 1, 1997. He and his wife Gracie were blessings to me; I worked with Gracie as a young educator. I invited them to come and speak at every location I went. His story and their story are what I wanted my students to know about America.

As fifth-grade teachers, we studied the Holocaust in history. I strongly believe in doing all you can to bring tangible resources to students when you can do so. We were very close to Terre Haute, Indiana, the home of the CANDLES Museum. CANDLES is an acronym for “Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors,” created by Eva Mozes Kor. She, along with her twin sister Miriam Kor survived SS Doctor Josef Mengele's human experimentations at the Auschwitz concentration camp in German-occupied Poland during World War II. Their parents and two older sisters were killed in the gas chambers at Birkenau.

Eva Kor was the museum, and I am thankful to have introduced this to many students. I invited her to speak several times, and her lessons touched the hearts of all in attendance. She talked to me about a letter she had received and how she was thinking about what she would be doing. She would be meeting Hans Münch, who was part of what she endured. She publicly forgave the Nazis for what had been done to her.

I have their books that are signed, but it is when they gave them to me I remember and cherish the most. They have passed on to a new life journey leaving me with opportunities to continue to share their wisdom.

Always say Good Morning! The importance of forgiveness frees us from the nightmares holding onto us and allows us to continue to move through our life journey courageously. Today is our day to stand for what we believe, free from the worry of what others may think, but knowing “Good Morning” comes when we know we have done all we can. Thank you for being the solution daily in a world we create together with courage, faith, liberty, love, and happiness.

When you make a mistake acknowledge, ask for forgiveness and when you hear the apology acceptance begins our path towards healing.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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