I saw that.... Did you hear that?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Did you ever have a moment when you thought 🤔 did anyone see that? Well, you know they did! Someone always has a camera-ready phone to capture any moment. The same thing when you are breaking out in song to your favorite tune, definitely not in key! However, those are the embarrassing, funny moments with no actual harm to anyone except your pride. Let's talk about the messages you send out that do cause harm you may not even recognize you are doing.

We learn a great deal from others. Most of us have leaders we work for, and we look to them as examples and help shape our decisions. I am thinking about teachers this week as we celebrate appreciation for them this week. Teachers often do some little things for students that make a big difference in their daily lives.

In addition to the little things they do for students, they do the same for the co-workers that help them each day. It is so important to recognize when you see in your organization when things like this are happening. These are the messages we want to be seen and heard. This is when you want someone to say, “Did you see that today?” Messaging like this is what you want to spread!

Proud of my daughter as a Special Education Teacher and never forgetting about co-workers! It takes a team to help serve the needs of others. She is a mother of three active kids, but she takes the time to make special treats for those who allow her to serve others.

We form habits! What we say and the way we act send messages. We may do these things every day we do not realize a pattern has formed. We all can complain from time to time, but all of the time, I think it may be too much. “We know that people become like those they spend the most time with, so be intentional about who’s in your space. The right people won't be afraid to call you out when you start looking at problems without offering solutions. Surround yourself with people who will call you out when you're wallowing in negativity and will help you find the silver lining.”- Kids Deserve It! by Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome

Take some time to reflect on your messages:

  • Turn negative comments to positive
  • Look for solutions
  • Celebrate those with positive messages
  • How will you support positive messaging?
  • How will you handle negativity?

Thank you for being part of the solution daily! Others watch, listen, and will follow what you do. You matter!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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