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I have been selecting My One Word each year for several years. This year I have chosen commitment. I am committed to bringing my Two Rule philosophy in book form to publishers and supporting all who want to begin this practice. Two Rules can be applied to every aspect of life and work. The Two Rules are simple in stating and purposeful in implementing their approach. It begins with mindset.

The goal of every action plan is to Improve areas identified by leadership teams. Before the action plan is developed, a clear Mission needs to be established that all members believe in and support. Building strong Partnerships with all stakeholders will provide valuable input into the improvement action steps required for overall gains. As the plan is developed, it is essential to establish timelines, assign roles, and a measure of Accountability. The collaborative approach in building Capacity in Teaching and learning contributes to a focused mindset on achievement for all. The Two Rule philosophy will IMPACT the overall quality, performance, and achievement.

John Hattie’s research and author of Visible Learning provides us with a wealth of knowledge regarding practices and strategies to support learning. Hattie tells us everything we do in education works, but it is the level of impact it has on learning. Looking at the research he provides, comparing your data and practices can provide a foundation to start as you develop a plan to improve achievement. Before teaching and learning can begin, establishing a culture with the Two Rule philosophy can provide the environment you need.

Let's begin

When introducing any new concept to staff, students, families, or the community, providing a clear understanding is where you begin. The Two Rule concept starts with providing a baseline understanding of our mindset. To help others grow, we need to have a willingness to grow as well. The growth mindset is best known from the work of Carol Dweck.

Our mindset is instrumental in our approach to coping with life challenges. Dweck has identified we have a “fixed” of “growth” mindset regarding learning. A “fixed” mindset reflects thinking you are born with a certain amount of intelligence. A “growth” mindset believes you can learn new things and improve your intelligence.

Introducing the Two Rules concept supports the “growth” mindset in understanding we look at the actions we take, the words we speak, and the choices we make impact how we feel emotionally and physically. Two Rules will guide individuals in their “growth” as this concept is applied to daily life.

Two Rules

  • Everyone will feel good.
  • Everyone will feel safe.

There will only be two rules to guide all of us here. Everyone who walks through our doors will feel good about being here and feel safe. Before we take action, speak, or choose, we will think of these two rules. It is always our choice to be part of the problem or the solution. The Two Rules concept will provide the guidance, problem-solving, and solutions to discover the positive growth needed.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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