How to face challenges/problems

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Challenges we know we will face. We never know when they will come, the depth of their reach, or the hardship they may bring. As we turn on the local news, we see challenges our communities face, and a flip of the station, we broaden our view to include our nation and global challenges. The challenges we have maybe personal to us and direct our focus to specific issues. When these conflicts come to our lives, it is how we approach, react and respond that helps to see us through.

Strategies to use=Solutions

  • Acceptance: Accept the place you are and let go. Reflect on what you have instead of what you do not and the what-ifs. This strategy will help you release the stress, fear, and anxiety of the situation you are dealing with at this moment.
  • Remove: Step back from the situation and remove emotions as you observe, review and evaluate to focus on making a plan to address the issue. It isn't easy to altogether remove your feelings, and you do need them, but making decisions based on emotions does not work. Emotions cloud your vision. When deciding how to stratigize, being objective as possible is the best way.
  • Action- Taking action steps is the way to tackle the challenge. It is a challenge because we have attached our emotions to it (fear). Defining our fear helps in the development of the action steps we take to address the challenge.
  • Comfort- We feel our best in our comfort zone. As we deal with challenges, knowing how to include our own influences to address our challenges will lift our spirits. Be thankful and grateful for all you have! Most importantly, always look at each challenge we face as opportunities to grow, share learning with others and praise as we overcome.

10 Solutions for every challenge

  1. Know you are never alone!
  2. Stop, Reflect, Review!
  3. Accept support
  4. Understand your feelings, know fear should not hold you back!
  5. Make a plan!
  6. Have a positive mindset!
  7. Ask for help!
  8. Don't give up!
  9. Could you share with others to help them too?
  10. Think outside the box!

Today's challenges are lessons we can learn from and help share with others. I had the opportunity to share time with young parents who suddenly lost their child to a heart condition they did not know about. They are using this loss challenge to help support others with a book. I have been blessed to get to hear their story and to know the difficulties I face can be faced.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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