How do you name what you teach?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

The pandemic brought attention to education. Education should always have our attention and focus. It is the key to the success of our society as our next generation learns, creates, and discovers.

Critical Race Theory was/is a big topic for discussion on what was being taught. What other programs, curriculums are being taught in schools that are designed or disguised by the name. Many question Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). What is behind this name? What are children being taught and learning?

One of the very first things I learned as an administrator was the importance of respecting parents and families. Parents trust and share their children with us. Under no circumstances should we ever try to tell them how to parent. Our role is to provide a support system, resources, and quality education.

Parents look at programs and curriculums that sound like or look like they are invading parenting. It is a partnership together in helping children grow. It is my belief as well that the community be part of this partnership in providing the supports to fill in gaps and to enrich where possible.

When you are preparing to add a new program or curriculum to your school, what steps do you take?

Do you Consider?

  • Thoughts and Opinions of parents, families, and guardians?
  • Teachers and Support Staff?
  • Students?
  • What data?
  • How is it named?
  • Community support?
  • How does it connect to mission, vision, and goals?

My husband is a straightforward kind of guy! He says, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.” So in my understanding, do not try to dress up your programs with fancy names, but state what they are. Provide all of the information needed to understand what is being taught with no room for questions.

What would you like?

If you could design the curriculum for the schools what would you include? Please share your thoughts! What would you like to see schools teach?

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