Hidden Blessings- Lesson 4 Reap what you sow

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Lesson 4: You reap what you sow.

When I was growing up, my mother and father were known for their giant garden. We were a small family, so why raise this kind of garden?

The lesson they taught me is about the work you put into serving others which brings you the most profound love. I was no lover of vegetables, but I helped take care of the garden when I could. Then I would watch as my mother shared these vegetables with others. The joy reflected in her face always made me happy as well.

My parents were loved by so many, and they told them often. When they passed, people came to share stories with us, and we could remember how much they enjoyed the gift of giving to others. The feedback we received matched precisely to who they were. All feedback does not reflect the true you.

“It would have been easy for me to accept my supervisor’s judgment of my leadership skills and worth. But her words didn’t align with the feedback I was getting everywhere else.”-Daniel Bauer, author of Mastermind, Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader

It is difficult for a leader to receive mixed messages. When you have many voices speaking to you, it is hard to cut through the noise to hear the voice of reason truly. You have to step back and make hard choices to regain your footing, adjust yourself and take chances. Being self-aware, developing confidence, and remaining true to your core values will always see you through.

“The seeds you plant will one day harvest. The fruit will be positive or negative, so be mindful of what you plant. You are planting every day with your words and actions.”-Daniel Bauer. We have such power in our words and actions. People do not realize this power. We have choices in everything we do. “As you care less about what people think of you, you will care more about what others think of themselves.”-Stephen Covey

Look at every situation, both positive and negative, as an opportunity. They are all part of growth. Each one provides lessons, ways to improve, and an idea to expand on to move forward. As Danny stated, “The seeds you plant will one day harvest.” Just like my parents and the garden, it takes daily work. These seeds need much care to reach their full potential, and you have to pull the weeds in the garden, so the seeds have room to reach out.

What happens to leaders who are pushed out of their positions? What do they do next? It is all about choices. It took Danny a year to believe the false narrative, and it interfered with his life. Then he was able to pull back the curtain to see his truth. I took a little longer. My injuries, age, and stubbornness got in my way. I have to say; I still have triggers due to injuries. Danny has accomplished so much, and I am slowly working my way each day to serve others better.

Hidden Blessings needs

  • Take the advice of Brené Brown- Develop a square squad (a group of people who are willing to tell you truthful feedback no matter what!) (Lesson 1)
  • Remember to follow your true north (Lesson 2)
  • Obstacles are opportunities (Lesson 3)
  • Let your words, actions, and work speak. (Lesson 4)
  • Connecting, Networking, Developing, Building solid relationships with other leaders. (Lesson 5)

If you are not following Daniel Bauer, he is a great one to connect with to help with building a professional community. I have always been with Illinois Principals Association. Follow my blog, connect with me at www.linkedin.com/in/brendayoho or on Twitter @BrendaYoho

Seeking to get back or create additional disruption serves no purpose. We choose our reaction to our situation and respond in how we want to take action when we are ready. It does not matter the time-frame only that you are able to continue to move forward.

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