Here is the problem: What is the solution

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Do you want to type in a problem on the search bar and then have it pop up the solution? Would that be the best thing ever! I call dibs on that invention, creation, innovation, or whatever we want to call it! I have to figure out a few things. Well, a lot of stuff! But the concept is spot on! I am working on it!

So here is the problem: We all have problems and no one can solve them alone!

The solution is: Understanding how to approach problems and who to help provide support.

Problem Solving Steps

  • Define the problem
  • Brainstorm possible solutions with support members
  • Decide on best solution
  • Implement solution
  • Evaluate

If we apply only our thoughts to our problems, we limit our ability to find solutions. Having a problem could result from our thinking and participating in it. Do you know anyone who can solve a problem alone?

Be the solution daily is based on doing our part each day to help and not add to the problems. We can offer solutions, generate ideas and opportunities to find possibilities.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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