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Posted by Brenda Yoho

It does not matter where you go; you will see Help Wanted signs. Many signs have a sign-on bonus to encourage applicants and other things like flexible workdays and hours.

Then you also see many people asking for help. Signs pleading to give them money. In Indiana, a mother had a sign saying she had three children needing help, and she had one of her children with her, a little girl looking to be around the age of seven.

While traveling through several states by car, we saw in every town and city the “Help Wanted” signs. I talked to several managers and heard similar stories of being short-staffed. Why?

There can be many reasons to lead to people not taking on the positions offered.

  • Cannot afford transportation
  • Accepting a working position would eliminate the extra support they receive to help their family
  • Costs of child care to work
  • Mental health and Substance abuse needs
  • Not motivated
  • Other reasons

What reasons are you aware that people are not selecting to accept open positions?

Now we are facing rising inflation and companies cutting jobs. Currently the unemployment rate will rise. Costs of living are continuing to rise and those who were struggling will be in desperate need. We will also begin to see more struggling as the cost continue to rise.

What are the solutions for the needs of those businesses needing help? How can they gain staff members who are eager to work and help them keep their businesses open?


The solutions are in the hands of our leadership, but we have things we can do as well to help.

  • Decrease spending at all government levels
  • Prioritizing the needs of programs targeted at supporting back-to-work programs
  • Support working families if you can by providing an extra hand with outside yard work, child care, cooking a meal, and other different things you can help provide.
  • Vote
  • Stay informed about all aspects by looking through all lenses. Read, watch and listen to all.
  • Be engaged and involved.
  • Help education centers on preparing students for the workforce. College and careers are meaningful, but learning to be part of the workforce and understanding customer service is a significant opportunity not to overlook. Having programs to allow students to participate in internships, work programs, and hands-on learning in a public position will help everyone.

There are many other ideas to share. What ideas do you have? Please share your thoughts, things you are currently doing, and what things you are currently doing that are working.

Things can change when we change.

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