Happy Valentine's Day

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Enjoy this day with all the love you can give to others!

Leadership today, more than yesterday, needs to focus on leading from the heart. I know I have heard, “I am not a warm and fuzzy kind of leader.” “I don't do that cute stuff.” I am not asking you to do any of that stuff. What I am asking is something much different.

In your day to day, make an intentional part of your day to notice those who need their heart cheered, encouraged, warmed or provided with hope. I believe you will find many. Even in those who look like they do not need a thing, they really do.

I am giving you my secret that I have used for decades, but it is the best way to let others know you see them and care about who they are. As you walk, take some notes and then quickly go back to a quiet spot. Now handwrite a personal message to a few to start and mail them home. You read it right, send it to their home. It is so impactful to receive a handwritten note at home.

Keep track of who you send these notes to as you do not want to show favoritism, but please be authentic. Please do not send them to send them. You are making deposits into the hearts of those you serve, and the interest level on the return is priceless as you watch them deposit more into so many others.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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