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This word is used a great deal. “We need to have a “growth” mindset.” “Leaders need to work on “growth” in their organization.” “Students are not showing “growth” in learning.” “Teachers need more “growth” in the use of their instructional practices.” “Business leaders are not achieving “growth” in sales this year.”

What kind of growth are you looking for in yourself? Maybe you desire to show “growth” in your career, in your relationships, in your lifestyle, spiritually, with your knowledge, or in achievements. It does not matter what kind of “growth” you are looking for; the question is on how do you grow?

We all have great potential inside. It is how much we believe in ourselves if we can achieve our potential. Is this right? Well, somewhat! It does make a difference in our positive thoughts, hope, and beliefs. However, this is not the complete answer or solution to establishing “growth.”

To establish a system to gain “growth,” we need to have a consistent intentional and strategic approach in our plan for “growth.” We have to develop the habits to form a daily routine to build on our system to improve daily. It looks at the big picture but completes small parts daily to piece the puzzle together.

It is expected to have lessons learned, mistakes made, habits to be broken, and new ones to begin. Setting aside time each day as a focused time to work on your desired skill daily will bring you closer each day to accomplishing it. A “growth” habit will be formed, and you will be on your way to achieving overall improvements. Reflect on what you are learning each day. When leadership is better, leaders get better, and so does everything else. “Growth” will be seen everywhere!

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