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Good to Great

What distinguishes thriving companies, “Collins reports in his book, Good to Great,….one that was key was the type of leader who, in every case, led the company to greatness. There were not the largest-than-life, charismatic types who oozed ego and self-proclaimed talent. They were self-effacing people who constantly asked questions and could confront the most brutal answers- looking failures in the face, even their own while maintaining faith that they would succeed in the end……They have the growth mindset.” Mindset, p. 110

Growth Mindset

Incorporating Two Rules is more than two questions and answers. A system will need to be developed. Leaders are “great leaders” who are constantly working on getting better. Goals do not determine success. We need to establish goals, but goals alone will not get us to the level of success required. The habits we develop will help us rise to success or failure if we establish the bad habits. Systems support positive results if we build a robust design and have a common language, consistency in our approach, and a growth mindset.

Be Consistent

Two Rules- Everyone will feel good and feel safe

Establish Goals-Goals are not the only factor to success

Habits-The right habits developed consistently over time produce positive results!

Common Language-Agree to a common language used by everyone

Growth mindset-Grow, learn, learn, grow and grow more!

Strong System of Support-S.O.S we all need it! Not a message of help, but an anchor of help to support the sea of troubles.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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