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My friend Janet reminded me of Gratitude by sharing this card with me and a little book from a lady I used to work with years ago who has passed away named Virginia.

It is simple acts of kindness that can spark additional acts of kindness, memories, gentleness in the warmth of a friend's gift to remind you of a moment in time and an opportunity to share with others how to touch others' lives in meaningful ways.

Do you have friends that do specific things that make you feel special? Is there a unique smell that reminds you of something? Do you have a particular day of the week you set aside for a special occasion? My youngest grandson tells stories, and every story says it happened on Wednesday. Not sure why he has selected Wednesday, but this is his day!

Pick a letter in Gratitude today and try it out. We are close to Thanksgiving, so I think we can all Give Thanks to each other in this beautiful world of many different people.

One of the poems from the book is by Shel Silverstein who I love. It is called Sharing.

I’ll share your toys, I’ll share your money. I’ll share your toast. I’ll share your honey. I’ll share your milk and your cookies, too-The hard part’s sharing mine with you.

Shel Silverstein

This sounds like my grandsons, but in the end they share with gratitude!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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