Give and Take- “You scratch my back, I will scratch yours.”

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Each day of life's journey, I believe I learn more and more. Character traits are something you know early in life by those who are around you along your path through life.

We are indeed influenced in life by our environment. If we are surrounded by an environment that reflects positive interactions and the virtues such as generosity, scientific research provides a great deal of data to support all of the advantages.

As I read, watch, and explore more about the changes in our society today, there seem to be more and more changes. One of the most significant changes is in the realm of virtues and emotions. A trend in the rise of violence is an indicator of many things, and we see factors that have long-term effects.

The lack of empathy can be blamed on the heavy use of technology. Our heavy use of social platforms replaces interactions with face-to-face, live hangouts and the depth of conversations that can be held. As humans, we need the whole package. We need to see, hear, touch and feel our interactions. In online settings, it allows others to practice cruelty without consequences when they hide their identities, and it seems easier to type out words on a screen you would not say to a person if they were in front of you—many opportunities for bullying, harassment and cruelty.

Do you see empathy, generosity, or other virtues and beliefs? Do you see changes?

In the workplace, do you notice people making agreements together? Are there compromises? Are there ways to bring everyone together for a common goal? Share your thoughts.

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