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Posted by Brenda Yoho

“Effective communication hinges on one job and one job only: moving your point from your head to your audiences,” says Joel Schwartzberg, author of Get to the Point: Sharpen Your Message and Make Your Words Matter.

Communication is an essential tool in your toolbox. If you struggle to communicate your point clearly to your audience in a timely fashion, readers have moved on in the world of scrolling. Get to the point, your punch line or your hook for your readers in your first few words. If you do not capture the reader's attention or interest, the point you want to make is lost on the pages it fills.

Do you have a point? What is the point you want to make? When you have established the point, know it! You must know your point to understand what you are talking about; if you don’t, how will those you are communicating with know.

Do you have a point to make a point? Make sure you have supporting facts and compelling evidence or research. You have to have a point to sell your point to others. You need a point to stay on point. So what’s the point I am making? Listen to author Joel Schwartzberg.

Point it out

  • A point is unique
  • A point is sold
  • A point is clear about its value and purpose

My point

My book Two Rules will help everyone feel good and feel safe at school.


  • As a retired educator, I have successfully utilized Two Rules for over two decades in rural and large unit districts. You can use it with success as well.


  • The need for safety for all involved in our educational settings, including students, staff, families, and community, is essential, as well as feeling good. Now is the time to implement this practice.


When you have a point to make, know how to deliver it successfully. Understand your point, stay on point, be consistent and clear, sell it and provide the purpose with value. Deliver your point.

Be the solution daily in a world ready for the points you are prepared to share.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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