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One thought, One day, One moment, One chance

The alarm sounds for the day to begin and you lift your head to begin with …

One thought: I can’t avoid a bad day if that is what is ahead today. This thought brings more thoughts to the day. Neither can I expect a perfect day with all the things that could come my way. So how am I to prepare for today?

One day: Should we look at just one day at a time for now? This is not how we have always done it, but they say not to say that with a big frown! It is the change we need to show. What is the change we need to make? I simply do not know.

One moment: It seems essential to know who won. But does it matter to everyone? If I am right, if others are right, winning is not always fun. Winning is when we together get what is important done! It is when all is right with us, and we shine as bright as the sun.

One chance: I always have one chance to make a great choice as I lead the way. It is in my heart to strengthen me by lifting others with what I do and say. Choose to make every thought, day, and moment to help others feel good and safe every day. It is the Two Rule philosophy way!

In my previous post, Planting the Garden of Leadership, I provided information about comparing a garden to leadership.

Nurturing and Nutrition 

Gardens grow when we can provide the care and nutrients it needs. The same is required for those we serve as leaders. We need to work on this daily, just as we need to do with our gardens. We have to think about our staff as being in the hot sun all day long. Our gardens need water, and our staff needs H20 (Help, Hope, and Optimism). Please provide them with daily opportunities to celebrate wins, someone to be visible to see, open doors to come to talk to someone, and for the environment to be okay with not being okay and free to ask for help.

Growth will come with all the right elements provided to all of the parts of the garden. Guard your thoughts, make the most of the day, include all you can in every moment, and take chances to help others. Leadership is so much, but so rewarding when we can see the garden created which so many admire, receive the best nourishment and are eager to help keep it growing!

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