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Posted by Brenda Yoho

Dare to Live Greatly by L.C Fowler is the latest book I have reviewed. It came to me at a great time in my life as I was facing a breast cancer diagnosis. The title grabbed my attention, and the subtitle pulled me deeper; Real Christian Living Requires The Grit, Courage & Confidence Of A Navy SEAL In Training. I know Navy SEALS go through intense training, and I wanted to know what I could learn!

Now I am married to a Navy Veteran, but I'm not too fond of the water. I love to fish and go out in the boat, but not actually in the water. So if this book tells me I will have to get in the water to swim to learn some new skills, I am going to fail! Great news, it does not!

There are 42 small chapters of training lessons to guide us as we join the author through the journey of SEAL training. It is incredible how it all started and how not knowing how to do something should not hold you back. The dedication, determination, and don’t quit drove the right pathway to completion.

After each chapter, there is a short Dare to…. These points provide you with key messages to take away. One of my favorites comes from Chapter 12. I like this one because it deals with Fear. As you face something like cancer, you have fear.

“Without fear, there would be no courage. It’s instinctive. Use it to your advantage. Preparation, courageous faith, and trusting God are the antidotes to fear. Courageous people know how to use fear and anxiety to their advantage. Being afraid is like being energized: your muscles are stronger when you feel fear. You can sharpen this feeling.-pg. 69

The author faces formidable challenges in life that, as humans, would make each one of us question everything. Instead, the author shows us how to make choices. “We’re not to run away from fear but toward it. To a Navy SEAL, there are no such things as problems, only opportunities. The same is true for Christians. God doesn’t keep us from our fears but offers the capacity to meet those fears and overcome them. Without such fears, we wouldn’t grow or experience courage.” pg.68

I encourage you to pick up this book and give it a read. The flow of his book is inspirational and profoundly moving as the life challenges he faces from suicide, loss of a child, cancer, and more, will bring you to the humble knowledge that others go through struggles daily. We are never alone in these struggles, and there are ways to learn how to have the courage and confidence to face them.

Larry wrote me a personal note on the inside of the book. It is the perfect scripture for me during my journey through overcoming cancer Psalm 27:3-“Though a host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.”

Thank you for a great book, Larry! I love your way of looking at the acronym SEAL as Scripture, Envision, Act, and Listen to God!

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