Friday Finds 1, 2023

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Friday can find many things if we allow our hearts and brains to open to discovering. Today we end a week with teacher tips, advice, feedback, thoughts about hope, and CHOICE.

In communication, listening is always the best form. You can not communicate well if you are not listening, especially to what is not said. I learned that from an exceptional student.

Over the past few decades, I have utilized a phrase that included, “the choice is yours to make.” The choice is part of everything we do each day. Do we think about all of our choices, or do they develop into habits that become part of who we are?

Not every choice is correct or suitable, but some are. The thing about choice is we need to understand how to make them. Teaching children early in life the how and why of the process is what I believe makes an impact on their pathway.

Asking questions is part of the process. My Two Rules philosophy is about asking two questions about two ideas. I love using words to create acronyms so, if you were thinking about how to apply CHOICE to your life, promote to your organization, or with students, what would you use?

Carefully Handle Opportunities Individually Completely Every-time

That seems to be a little too much for an acronym. However, choices come from our hearts often, and our brains come in second. Choices can be reactive instead of responses. Many times a choice is made quickly when our emotions are high.

How do you handle making choices?

Do you ask others about the choices they make?

As you begin 2023, do you have choices you need to make?

One last question to think about as we make choices. Do you see the student as what they are today or who they will become? Can you see the student or just what they do? How do you choose to see?

"I only have 2 rules!"
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