Focus on Improvement-Friday

Posted by Brenda Yoho

When we think about the improvement process a vision of binders appears with bullet points, goals, documents, graphs, data, charts and the list goes on. Stop ⛔ Think about focusing on improving one day at a time. At the end of the day, reflect. Now, what can you do tomorrow to be better than today? Simplicity is the key to not overwhelming yourself or your team.

We do have to make those strategic plans and improvement plans to grow together. However, as leaders we want our teams, students, and colleagues to understand the importance of self-worth in the improvement process.

As we gather as a group the importance of modeling the team approach is critical to the success of your organization. All eyes are on you when you are before a group. The tones of your voice, word choices, body language, and facial expressions all send messages to others. The importance of our communication is not always in written form.

Have you been in a meeting or with a group and an individual says, “that was not my responsibility, I gave the information to everyone and it wasn't me to do anything else with it?” Is this being part of the solution of part of the problem?

Do we not want our teams working together for the same mission and vision no matter the position they have? When we say this is not me or my responsibility and shift the blame, it sends a clear message to everyone on the team. What message? “I” is never part of a team. “I want to make it clear, I had no responsibility in this.” Wow, so you are not part of the team? Do you accept this from those who report to you? Do they accept that response from those who report to them?

When we are all working for a common purpose, it is the responsibility of all to make sure items, tasks, issues, and solutions are brought forward in a timely fashion. Validation of all who are working to help accomplish the goals established is successful.

If you are a teacher remind your students every day is a new opportunity. Tomorrow I will be better than today! Always find at least one thing to improve, one thing to be grateful for, and one goal. I like to say, “Three things to a better me! One day at a time!”

Thank you for being the solution daily as we humble ourselves to serve others. The needs we meet each day provide the solution for tomorrow.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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