Focus Friday

Posted by Brenda Yoho

It is Friday! A day of the week we look forward to as it signals the weekend is next! We will be able to relax, kick back and enjoy all of our favorite things!

During the week, we have spent time focusing on the critical work needed for success. We can get so intense people can think we are a little crazy!

Take the time today to reflect on all the work you have done this week, but more importantly, the work others have done. Find out Friday! What others need to celebrate! Could you help them? Point out things to celebrate so they can spend the weekend happy, knowing someone noticed them! It makes a difference.

If we can focus for one day on pointing out positives, we can shift our mindsets. Could you make it a Focus on positives Friday? People may think you are crazy if you focus on doing some silly stuff today, but why not! Post some fun stuff today! We all need it!

Thank you for being part of the solution daily! Focus, Fun, enjoy Friday!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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