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Posted by Brenda Yoho

The essential skill of a leader is to be an excellent communicator. Along with communication comes the duty of being factual, timely, informative, accurate, and trustworthy. Ken Blanchard, the leadership expert, launched an international study in 2016 to learn the critical skills leaders need. The study concluded with 43 percent indicating communication was the most crucial skill for effective leadership. Then 41 percent indicated poor communication skills as an ineffective leader's most significant flaw.

How can you improve your communication? Where can you get updated information, work on building your professional skills and continue to build trust with staff? In my career, I found it with the Illinois Principal Association. This team had it all! They have a legal and legislative team with Brian Schwartz and Allison Malley. The wealth of knowledge and up-to-date information is fantastic. If you have any questions, they are a click away. Quality professional learning provided by Dr. Susan Homes, Arlin Peebles, Lynn Woodrum, and the best ladies who always help me, Pam Burdine and Beth Broyles, is the best. There are so many more to mention on this team who are ready to help, but these are directly involved in my journey. Where do you go?

As a leader, find what works for you! IPA worked for me, but it was not my only source. It does not matter how long you have been a leader; you are always learning. Ken Blanchard is one of those expert leaders I have listened to through my career. Use the link below for a must-read. Follow these steps as you begin to improve your leadership at any stage.

Utilize the following link to inform yourself about communication.

These solutions will keep you moving in the right direction. Many blessings as you continue to serve.

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