Filling Up Friday

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Each year passes by so quickly, it seems. Once in a while, we each take a moment and reflect on the years. We think about the dash we have created to divide our birth until our lives take us on a new journey to our final destination.

Fill up your Friday with living and not just existing. Each day is an opportunity to make a difference. Many think about leaving a legacy and forget to provide meaning.

Ponder these thoughts today: “When my car signals to me it is low on fuel, I pull into the gas station to fill up with fuel.” How does my body signal that I need fuel to energize my thoughts? When do I know I am functioning on the fumes of low energy in my thoughts? Are there ways to help fill up the energy to spark our minds?

Foods with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy brain function. Nutrition, exercise, and getting the best sleep will help keep your mind healthy. Eliminating stress from our lives helps to keep our brains healthy as well. To keep our brains in the best health and nutrition, we also need to add energy to keep them going. Stimulation of the brain comes from reading, socializing, completing puzzles, creating (art, crafts, writing, painting), taking classes, learning a new skill, and other things to provide active thoughts. Will this prevent me from forgetting where I left my keys? Probably not. There is much more to know about the brain, thoughts, and memories.

Filling up on Friday has left me feeling existing today makes a difference in the lives of others if I choose to be part of the solution in finding ways to fuel brains with thoughts to think and ideas to try.

Fuel up, Fill up, and Feel your best on a Friday , which is great because you exist

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