Feelings, How do we know?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

What is the difference between emotions and feelings? Feelings are emotions, right. Those descriptions we use to describe the “feeling” we have during a special event, a confrontation, a loss of a loved one, or not being able to finish a task are emotions, right.

Emotions are associated with bodily reactions that are activated through neurotransmitters and hormones released by the brain. Feelings are the conscious experience of emotional responses.

Feelings and emotions are intertwined. We have strong emotions and feelings that are activated in different moments. We all have these at some level.

Leaders with high emotional intelligence can identify, understand and manage their own emotions. The skill sets these leaders have are critical in helping to move forward. Emotional Leaders are self-aware, self-regulate, and respond to all situations instead of reacting.

Leaders who demonstrate and possess vital emotional intelligence can build stronger relationships and create effective teams. These leaders can relate to colleagues, motivate teams, skillfully resolve conflict and inspire others to take positive actions.

Do you know when you have hurt someone's feelings? Do others ever hurt your feelings? How do you feel when you are at work? Is it a different feeling when you are at home? Do you ever talk about feelings? When do we know we need help with our feelings and emotions?

While talking with my friend Janet she mentioned “a gut feeling,” she had about a situation. Gut feelings are physical manifestations of our intuition when our brain sends messages to our gastrointestinal system, sometimes making us feel nausea. Many people who have a strong connection with their faith think it is spiritual guidance.

Feelings and emotions are real. At this point, the emotions in education are….. You tell me.

One aspect we know change always involves some form of emotions because people enjoy comfort. COVID-19 has sparked many feelings, emotions, and, most significant, change. Life, as everyone knew it changed. The trauma experienced by everyone has impacted the young to old. Helping to understand our feelings and emotions is so important.

As we continue to look forward, we need to take time together to understand our feelings and emotions. It is essential to talk about them, recognize them and utilize them.

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