Feelings….affect and effect

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Do emotions affect or effect?

All of us work hard to make sure our emotions do not interfere when making decisions. As educators, a rubric is created to follow to apply a non-biased look at student work being evaluated. As a judge of essays for a scholarship each year, our committee utilizes this process of checking essays with a rubric. However, not all of the essays seem to be following the same guidelines from the rubric. We always ask if everyone is receiving the same rubric and information. The answer is always yes, but we still see many missing parts of the items named on the rubric.

Affect is usually a verb, and it means to impact or change. Affect is "to produce an effect upon," as "the weather affected her mood."

The effect is a noun and a change resulting from the action. Effect is that “computers have had a huge effect on our lives.”

To affect something is to change or influence it, and an effect is something that happens due to a cause.

Emotion and Rational Decisions

We have a wide range of emotions we experience, and depending on the level of these emotions, our decision-making is influenced. If you are angry, you can be impatient and make a rash decision. Excitement can lead to quick decisions without thinking clearly through or considering any consequences. Then if you are feeling afraid, your decisions may take longer as you are clouded with uncertainty, caution, and unknowns.

Deep thought is what I think of when I think about decision-making. It is a rational process in which many details are looked at to determine the best way to achieve or accomplish the goal.

This process was brought to my attention when some close people to me needed to decide whether to take a job in another state or remain where they are currently. They are in their upper 50s and know they would love to retire to the state the job offer is in, but do they take this chance at this time? How will it affect and effect them?

What are some of the decisions you are currently making? Do you have a process you use when making a decision?

Steps in making a decision

  • Step 1: State the question. What decision needs to be made
  • Step 2: Identify data. What relevant information and data are needed to provide valuable facts?
  • Step 3: Look at all options and alternatives. List these out to be visual to see.
  • Step 4: Evaluate all of the steps 1-3. Which option or alternative is the best?
  • Step 5: Take action by making a decision.
  • Step 6: Review and evaluate the decision.

The people close to us making a life-changing decision are still pondering the decision. We understand the time they need to weigh all the positives, negatives, and possibilities. We support them in any decision they make and actively tell them we will not say or do anything to affect their decision. This is a decision they can only make. Their move will not affect our ability to be part of their lives as we will continue to travel to see them, and they can do the same. The only effect is in the decision to take the job or stay.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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