Facing Difficult Days

Posted by Brenda Yoho

We have all faced days that have been difficult for us as individuals. When we face these days as a family or a country, we can see emotions and stress. These visible signs are reflected in arguments, short-tempered exchanges in grocery lines, driving incidents and worst case situations of extreme violence.

We can see how our current situations are not going to change. The prices of gas are steadily increasing, which will affect everything. Grocery store prices have increased, and children are out of school needing three meals a day now. Summer vacations may need to be changed, adding another layer to the stress already in place.

These days are difficult for many of us, but we can find solutions together to help. Our ancestors faced difficult days, although they may have looked differently, they were still difficult to meet. They had answers for the days they faced, and they are similar to the ones I will suggest.

Solutions to Face the Days

  • Wisdom-
    • Utilize our knowledge of how to prepare for days ahead by wisely shopping with coupons
    • bargain shopping, partner with families to shop together, and share
    • use strengths and skills you have to help each other in trades (working to repair, lawn care, child care, car pool)
    • Prepare meals and do pot luck dinners. Families can share leftovers (works for individuals or couples too!)
  • Courage-
    • Model for children and others how to handle difficulties appropriately. Anger, hateful words, and actions are not how to handle the situation.
    • Understanding by gathering all the information, teaching about the situations, and learning about how the government works is an integral part of the process if it is age-appropriate. Children are wise and need to understand the “why” they can’t go, do or have something. Teaching them about finances early will help them. Please keep it factual and not political. As a teacher, we never influence children in “how” to think. We provide authentic information. “Education is not something we do to children; it is something we do with children.”
  • Encouragement-
    • “Encourage each other and give each other strength.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11
    • We are surrounded by people who need an encouraging word, a helping hand, a smile, a hug, a pat on the back, and most importantly, a heartfelt prayer; if you can commit to doing these things each day, what a great start in making a big difference in facing the day for others.
    • There is no way we can be defeated in facing difficult days, if we can face them with solutions of encouragement.
    • If you see, hear or know someone is having difficulties please call to get them help. If you notice changes in behavior, eating habits, isolating or any other signs call for help. If you are experiencing any thoughts of hurting yourself or others call for help. There is help for anyone who needs it. It is okay to ask for help, especially now, as we all feel stress and trauma.

Opportunities to encourage are a daily goal. I know we can do this for each other. Teamwork can help us support the efforts to strengthen our commitment to our communities by working together to help each other. The face of courage rests with each of us as our children look to us to model as previous generations did on how to face difficult days. We can, we will, and we face these days together to overcome. Be the solution daily in a world that needs you.

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