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Engagement is an exciting word! It can be life-changing for couples, an invitation to an event, or being part of an experience of learning. Many experts provide information about the importance of engagement in education and how to continue to strive to increase student engagement. However, Dr. P.J. Caposey brings to light two forms of engagement to understand.

There is student engagement in a student's educational experience overall and an individual engagement within a classroom. The article link below provides additional information about the two forms.

When the new wave of evaluating teachers came to be, Danielson was the model everyone looked to as a guide to understand how to approach evaluation. Danielson indicated in her framework as engagement being the heart for overall improvement for student learning. The assessment began the discussions, professional development, and in most cases, confusion to-what is student engagement?

I come from the grant world, and compliance tied with improvement is our primary function. Dr. Caposey points out compelling arguments in how to look at engagement. My favorite quote from him is what I will leave you with as I hope you follow this article: “Compliance does not equal engagement.” Thank you, PJ, for your insight! I can still remember you from years ago in IPA; keep leading with a bright light!


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