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“When your light grows dim, look to the heavens to guide your path. When you feel your fire loose its flame, look to others for the spark you need to re-ignite."

Brenda Yoho

Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up,  just as, in fact, you are doing.” — 1 Thessalonians 5:11

In life, you may not receive all of the encouragement you need to face each day. How can you generate encouragement for yourself when you are not receiving it? This was a question I asked myself many times over the span of my life.

In the professional world, we are evaluated on our job performance and receive “feedback.” However, this has been done over my decades of work in various ways. I have even had an administrator ask me to write up my own evaluation and give it back to them to turn in to their supervisor. Not much in the way of “authentic” feedback.

As a young administrator., as in new to the leadership role, I wanted authentic feedback. Really I wanted some encouragement as well. Am I doing anything right? I created an evaluation for myself that others who worked with me could complete to provide me with the information I needed to help guide me in my professional development, growth as a leader, areas to improve and what I could celebrate as strengths.

In the book just released, The Performance Paradox, Turning the Power of Mindset into Action by Eduardo Briceno, you will discover how to balance learning and performing. This will help self and teams learn that the habits we have created in focusing only on performance will cause us to falter in all of our areas. “The route to success is often not a straight line.”-Chapter 1

This book has captured my attention as I go through it slowly to capture the true elements of the questioning needed to dive deeper into the core of individuals. A reflective question is always posed, “How might effort to perform be different from effort to improve?”-Chapter 1

My encouragement for you today is, to get a copy of The Performance Paradox, Turning the Power of Mindset into Action by Eduardo Briceno. This has given me a spark as I coach and mentor others. The Learning Zone and Performance Zone will be clarified for you as he guides you through an easy to read book with real stories. I find correlations to my Two Rules as you will discover in his flywheel focus (Beliefs, Habits, Community). (Proactive, Responsive, Stem)-Habits, (Trust, Belonging, Collaboration)-Community, (Competence, Agency, Transparency)-Beliefs.

A great book to do as a school or organization to encourage everyone!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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