Embrace tomorrow’s Dawn

Posted by Brenda Yoho

When facing the day ahead, pause and reflect,

Glimpse not just what's past, but what you'll perfect.

For yesterday's journeys, they've had their say,

Yet tomorrow's horizons await your display.

In each fleeting moment, a chance to ignite,

A flame of purpose, burning ever bright.

Embrace the wisdom that yesterday wrought,

But let it propel you to the goals you've sought.

It's not in the echoes of days gone by,

But in the choices ahead, where dreams will fly.

With each step forward, let courage lead,

For it's in your actions, your destiny's seed.

So seize the day with a steadfast grace,

Embrace the challenges, in every place.

For in the forge of trials, strength is born,

And in the journey forward, you'll find your dawn.

Let the lessons of yesterday guide your way,

But let not their shadows obscure the fray.

For the canvas of life awaits your art,

In the days ahead, let passion depart.

So face the day with a heart unfurled,

For in the tapestry of time, you're the world.

It's the actions you choose, the paths you tread,

That shape the days ahead, where dreams are fed.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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