Eclipse-Light your path

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Today, the world is abuzz with anticipation for the eclipse, causing schools to close, travelers to journey, hotels to raise prices, and restaurants to fill with newcomers.

In the rhythm of celestial bodies, we are accustomed to witnessing the sun, moon, and stars taking their turns to illuminate our skies. Just as clouds may momentarily dim the light, we all have moments when our own radiance wanes, requiring the kindling touch of those around us to reignite our flames.

In times of power outages, I often resort to candles to bring forth additional light, or rely on flashlights to guide my path. Regardless of the form it takes, light serves as a vital force in bolstering our spirits. For some, especially those without sight, light manifests through the loving words and gestures of those around them.

As we witness the eclipse today, let us be reminded of our capacity to be beacons for others in their moments of need. Whether we shine brightly or find ourselves in dimmer times, let humility guide us to support one another. Let us celebrate the brilliance of others without diminishing our own, knowing that each of us will have our moment to illuminate the world.

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