The colander

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I did not receive many material things when my mother and father passed away. The memories of the pictures I have and those I can still keep in my mind and heart are enough for me.

My daughter could get a few things for herself and me as I was out of town when my siblings decided to close things up. One item I know many will think I should throw away, but I am not, is the white colander. I will keep using it, and it can be thrown away when my journey leads me home.

The white colander

My mother’s colander-you see cracks on both sides and a cracked slit down the center. However, it still works for what I need it to do. Sure I have other ones, but I get this one out when I am cooking family meals, especially spaghetti or cleaning fruit.

A colander is a kitchen utensil that is primarily used to rinse vegetables or strain foods such as pasta. The bottom is perforated, which allows for water or liquid to drain through while holding on to the solids inside. Drain has been a focus for me for a few weeks as I have thought a great deal about the stress of life for so many in the world.

I recently wrote a blog post about “Drainout” which I believe is the replacement of “burnout.” Our lives are being drained of valuable resources we need. We are pulled in many directions at every moment of the day and the hamster wheel of life moves faster with never enough time to catch up so it seems.

Colander Rinse

When I buy fresh fruits like grapes, I love to put them in the colander and run the water to wash them off. They seem to sparkle and shine with freshness. Maybe we need to think about this as we look at our lives and those close to us.

We are fighting against “Drainout,” and if you look at my previous blog, you will find some things to do to help. However, are we also fighting to hold onto things we should let go of and allow through the colander?

Often we tend to hold onto things of comfort during times of extreme stress. “I have always done it this way.” “Even if it takes longer, I want to keep it this way.” “We cannot make any changes now.”

Listen to yourself and each other, and then pause to look at how things are going. Is it time to let go? Make some changes and take back control.

I am thankful for all of the different colanders I have, but the one from my mother is special to me. I know how hard it is to let go. You can hold on to them if they are not holding you back or preventing you from living the best way possible.

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