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Reach-Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause by Becky Robinson

Ready Everyone? A Chance Has come to understand how to get your message out to others. REACH

I began my journey in 2018. I had been reading authors’ manuscripts, participating in book launches (I still do), and taking part in everything I could to learn about publishing and writing a book. This is how Becky Robinson and I became friends. We found each other, but I think God placed her on my path. I cannot explain it any other way. She is such a blessing.

“If we choose to, we can all make a tremendous impact on the lives of others.”-Becky Robinson

Choice is a big part of what I believe and teach. It is the choices we make that can change the direction of the path to our success, reach, impact and absolutely our negative outcomes. I hope you choose to pick up a copy of her book even if you are not thinking of writing a book. Reach will help you in getting your message out to others in a time when it needs to be heard.

“Every interaction you have is an opportunity to influence and encourage a valuable human being.”-Becky Robinson.

Bringing value to others consistently with quality content is a critical piece in REACH. The 4 REACH commitments are Value, Consistency, Generosity, and Longevity. These commitments align perfectly with the foundation of #Bethesolutiondaily and the Two Rules philosophy. If you look at your cause, book, or message, it will also. The 4 REACH commitments are the best foundation for the purpose you have. Please learn how to apply them in your message by reading Reach by Becky Robinson, available today! Don’t wait! Reach! It is in you to tell others!

Resources to Support

Utilize Becky’s website to connect to her information from articles, events, podcasts, and more. You can leave your email to connect to not miss out on updates and resources. Check out her website at

Only you can!

I hope no one has ever discouraged you or provided you with information to lead you to think differently. Your voice, your words, your thoughts, your ideas all matter. It is essential to hear, see and engage with everyone to see and hear all. Within each of us, we hold a particular purpose. Each individual is designed to be part of something in the world we live and share. Many of us may have walked through the shadows of the valley of death, traveled through mighty storms, and felt the power of healing and praise for our blessings. Our storms are not designed for punishments but opportunities for more significant relationships as we learn powerful lessons as God walks with us. Find your footing, embrace our faith and engage in our journey to Reach and impact. Clean our lenses to look at all as we share solutions for better days ahead. Go ahead and REACH! The world is waiting.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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