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Posted by Brenda Yoho

In the journey of life, remember that sometimes, our most profound transformations arise from moments of healing and purpose. Seth mentioned looking to “find” his cookbook, but it did not look like what he was expecting. During my time of healing, I was able to discover a new way of serving. Just as I found my "spine" in serving and supporting children, you too have a unique strength within you waiting to be revealed, as we embrace the wisdom of Seth Godin's "Spines Out."

Through daily dedication, we can turn our passions into tangible creations. Even when faced with rejection, we must persevere, learn, and adapt. Your path may lead you to unexpected collaborations, like the one I found with a content editor and a publishing company that feels like family.

In the pursuit of your dreams, don't be afraid to stand out and be authentic, even if it means going against the conventional wisdom of selling books. Your purpose, like mine, may be rooted in a deeper mission, a commitment to change, improve, and support others.

Just like Seth Godin suggests, SEO is the beacon that can guide those searching for you. In a vast sea, as a small minnow, you have the power to create ripples and make your presence known.

So, show up, ask questions, and engage with others. Be the solution the world needs every day, and remember the Two Rules - make people feel good and safe. In doing so, you're not just an author or a minnow; you become a beacon of positivity and change, making the world a better place, one word at a time. Spines out, and let your unique light shine!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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