Do you have a superpower?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

My husband leads our family with the love of superheroes and so many other out-of-this-world crazy stuff! Our daughter Sarah, husband Alex, and grandchildren are not far behind.

Our youngest grandson loves Spiderman and the Hulk! I am sure he could tell you about the superpowers they have and all of the others in the lineup. I love the excitement when I watch them talk about all of these adventures. But when they know they have a superpower, it is a game-changer!

What kind of superpowers do we have? What superpower does my grandson have? It is easy to identify our superpower if we understand superpowers. It takes you right into my philosophy of two rules! Two rules deal with feeling good and safe. When the superheroes show up, everyone feels good and safe. At least, that is how I view it when I watch the shows with them.

I talked with my grandson Alden, and his superpower is his smile. When you add that he is a charmer when he flashes that smile and big eyes, I do not think he will outgrow this superpower. He can capture the heart of anyone he talks to as he charms you with his stories. He knows he has the power as he gains candy, popcorn, and treats from the concession stand. Everyone feels good when they have a chance to be with him, but no heart is safe!

As a leader, you have an amazing superpower! You have the ability to listen, hear others, and leave them feeling good and safe. When you pay attention, this demonstrates how important the individual is to you. You show that person they are being heard, thus building trust and making them feel valued. This superpower is priceless in helping others each day! Add this to everything else you have, and there is nothing that can stand in your way.

Listening to what people say is essential. Also, act on the information they share. You can keep emotions calmed in conversations when you listen with the intent to understand. Active listening is a great superpower!

There are many other superpowers to have, and you may have one unique to you. Maybe you are a “shapeshifter,” your team describes you as being flexible, adaptable, and can stretch to meet the needs of others. I know you have “supervision,” an excellent eye for details, can spot things out of order, and know the plans on where to go—the “optimist,” noticing all the positives, having solutions, and spreading sunshine.

If you are having difficulty finding your superpower, check with those who know you best. They can identify your strengths. Then you will know your superpower! I think you will find many!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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