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Irreplaceable is defined as impossible to replace. Indispensable is defined as absolutely necessary. Seth Godin shares thoughts on his blog, podcasts and other social media platforms. He has published many best selling books. His purpose is to inspire, turn on the lights of learning and moving forward all we can to make differences in the lives of others.

Seth shares in his latest post about being irreplaceable or indispensable. Many leaders are welcoming back school staff and students as the school bells ring to begin 2022-2023

Indispensable or irreplaceable

“There are 1,000 other high schools, and each one has a vice principal who isn’t you.

No, you’re not irreplaceable.

No one is, not really.

But if we work at it, we might become indispensable. The linchpin, someone who would be missed if they were gone.” -Seth Godin blog post August 9, 2022

As the school doors open and leaders welcome staff and students for the 2022-2023 school year, each individual is vital to each day and essential in building the future.

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