Crazy idea or genius

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Simplify everything! Is it a crazy idea or genius? What do you think? A book titled Work Smarter Not Harder by Jack Collis and Michael Leboeuf helps reveal strategies to support achieving more in less time and effort. What are other ways we can simplify our lives?

The phrase originated in the 1930s by Allen F. Morgenstern. As an industrial engineer, he created a work simplification program to increase productivity using less effort. Working smarter, not more complicated, means having a clear strategy. Workers need to prioritize the most critical activities, so each day ends productively. If workers can feel satisfied rather than overwhelmed, overcommitted, frustrated, and overworked, then they will be happier with the work they do.

Over the decades, you will find generated lists on maximizing your work efforts to increase your productivity and help reduce the stress levels that go along with the workloads we carry. In all of this research and efforts to maximize output to minimize negative input, why have we not thought about looking at simplicity in more areas?

The concept is spot on when thinking of your workload. However, I wanted to think of how to help others think through their days better too! My student's ages ranged from three years of age to 12 years old. How can I simplify life for all of them but maintain an orderly environment? Two Rules is that simple! I did not want to spend all of my time saying: Don’t run, Keep your hands to yourself, Stop screaming, No throwing, and the list goes on, as you know! When you are able to talk with students about the Two Rules and work on how they are applied to daily life. They can work on self-regulation at a young age and continue this practice for life.

Everyone will feel good. Everyone will feel safe. You can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution; the choice is yours to make. However, when you are part of the problem, you will have to face the solution for your actions as a reminder of the importance of the Two Rules.

I hope you want to learn more about Two Rules and will be excited to read more! Thank you for being the solution daily in a world in need!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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