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When we set out to accomplish goals and strive to make a difference, we use many different tools to demonstrate accountability and success. Often we look at the correlation between what we do, what the results are, and what we want. Seth Godin wrote a short blog about correlation. His posts are short, thought-provoking, and to the point. I have not mastered his skill level or style.

I look at goals as an improvement plan. Whether it is for self, business, school, or organization, goals are established based on data to indicate baseline information and an indication of the desired outcome. The desired outcome could be a want, need, or necessary outcome.

Correlation is applied when we gather our strategies, resources, tools, and solutions to identify how all of these work together to reach the outcome. Individuals may have different ideas on the correlation of items to the outcomes. This is when a need to collaborate to find the correlations to work together for the desired results. We may experience positive and negative correlations. I just experienced this while working outside in the hot sun! The sun was great to have for a beautiful day, but my skin turned red with sunburn as a result of enjoying too much sun! However, because it was so hot, I could wanted my favorite thing in the world, ice cream!

Reaching goals is more than pushing through, cutting corners, or misguided attempts to report successful wins. The sustainability of achieving the goals established helps to continue to build on a solid foundation that correlates to success.

In a world that needs you, strive to be the solution daily! I will continue to work to provide short, clear, and cohesive messages to allow you to take a piece away to implement, pose questions to your team, or think deeply about.

C’s the day with every opportunity to collaborate, make compromises when you can, communicate clearly, consistently say and do and find the correlations in your work.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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