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Posted by Brenda Yoho

In a social media and digital world, we become desensitized to the illusion of being connected and rate ourselves high in our communication abilities. However, this can be deceiving. The quantity of the amount of our reach to accounts is not equal to connecting with individuals.

Digital communication has improved our abilities to maintain better contact with those who are at a distance, especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Businesses, organizations, and schools relied on digitizable communication to continue to conduct their services. How effective were they, and how can they improve?

A blog post caught my eye as I scrolled through media pages. It mentioned how employees are overwhelmed daily with multiple communications, and some of the information in the communications is lost. The post provides a 10-step strategy plan to help improve communication and retention. Within in strategies, I found the following to be part of the plan:

My eyes focused on step 3 of the plan. “Have important conversations face to face.” Also in the blog post was-“A research, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, shows that face-to-face requests are nearly 35 times more likely to get accomplished. Emails fall through the cracks and go unseen, while face-to-face meetings aren’t forgotten so easily.”

The importance of communicating face-to-face is critical. However, it is not always possible. So, finding the best way is needed to find the right path for your communications.

Communicating with my grandchildren is a priority for me, and I am working on a better way for this busy family. I gathered up all of the tools I think I will need to do what I want to accomplish.

  • Motivate them to start each week with feeling good about who they are! (They already do, but I want to reinforce it)
  • Inspire them to reach for short term goals and develop habits now to provide the skills for those long term goals.
  • Bring a scripture to them to add the support system that will never fail them.
  • Guiding them in the importance of writing, expression and communication.

I do not want them to lose sight of the importance of family and friendships and to find time together to reflect on the significance of life. It is in the quality of the time you spend on the important things of life.

Times have changed, and tools have been enhanced to make all things easier for us. We must remember not always to think easy is the best, but to know what is best in serving those we serve. Develop a communication plan to ensure what is needed to be heard is heard.

I worked with a business friend helping me restructure all my platforms, improve my communications, change media, and have an overall approach toward serving those I currently do and those I seek to serve better.

As leaders, we want to continue to grow and learn. We connected face-to-face through a video chat—many links, emails , and more face-to-face chats. Our communications are consistent, but my connection is not always reliable! The only hiccup with digital communication is a solid wi-fi connection.

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