Compliance or Commitment Leadership

Posted by Brenda Yoho
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Effective leadership is comprised of many elements, one is a strong sense of purpose. There are many rules and regulations in which we have to comply to meet the standards and requirements. However, do we want our staff and students to check the box of compliance in our purpose of teaching and learning? I think the solution to being a school of compliance and just getting by is to turn up the heat to move to commitment.

Every school works to complete each year a school improvement plan. this plan lays out strategies and goals to move the school, as well as the district forward in serving students and families. These plans are data-driven, input provided from staff, students, families, community members, and district leadership. The plans are submitted to the state for approval and then implemented at the building levels.

However, many of the plans are looked at as just as a compliance measure and not something that can provide any true guidance I have heard from so many. I feel my heartbreak and my stomach turns as I know it is true. I look back at my last year in an education setting and it was impossible to get my district leaders to sit down to work on these plans. So if I could not get them to do it, then good luck in getting the buildings to do it as well.

Students and staff need to see our commitment in our words and actions. Students need to see a purpose in the lessons they are being provided daily as, well as the progression of the learning journey. Staff needs to see the purpose in the work they are doing and the commitment we have to them to help achieve our purpose as a team.

Effective leadership is not doing, but guiding and managing all of the work that needs to be done to accomplish the goals we establish. Leaders in our schools need to empower our staff to do exactly what we are modeling. They are the ones who have the greatest impact daily on helping to facilitate and manage learning by empowering students to take ownership with a commitment to themselves. Students need to have a voice, make decisions, help design, and establish a strong commitment to accomplishing goals.

We are not just getting by with compliance, but committing to grow leaders in all capacities in learning, teaching, and community. We have strong voices, positive choices, better decisions, and are empowered to accomplish high standards with our commitment to selves and our community.

Schools will take a turn as we move from compliance to commitment as we pledge to be part of the solution daily. Our work will continue to expand as we empower all learners, engage active changes and embrace the philosophy of the Two Rule School. Everyone will feel safe and good in our learning environment.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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