Coins to exchange

Posted by Brenda Yoho

As students step through the school doors each day, they carry with them a unique form of currency that cannot be seen or held. These intangible coins are nestled within their hearts and minds, and they yearn to exchange them for something invaluable—the attention and support of the teachers and adults they encounter. By understanding and embracing this currency, we can create a positive and nurturing environment that allows students to flourish.

Coins of the Heart and Mind

Imagine these metaphorical coins as precious tokens that students bring to school daily. Some students may be in need of an empathetic ear, longing for someone who will listen and understand their thoughts, dreams, and fears. Others may require a comforting hug, seeking reassurance that they are safe and cared for in the educational environment. And then there are those who crave kind words, a reminder that they are loved, valued, and accepted just the way they are. The needs of those seeking to utilize their coins each day are many.

The Exchange Dilemma

When we fail to provide opportunities for students to exchange their unique currency of care, they may resort to negative means of seeking attention. Acting out, engaging in self-harm, or causing harm to others are desperate attempts to communicate their unmet needs. It is crucial for educators and adults to recognize that children arrive each day with a wealth of emotional currency, ready to be shared and nurtured. By not acknowledging and addressing this exchange, we risk losing the chance to positively influence their lives.

Giving Back

It is our responsibility as educators and adults to comprehend the significance of the emotional currency that students bring to school. We must actively seek opportunities to deposit into their hearts and minds, fostering an environment where their needs are met and their growth is encouraged.

Listening attentively is one way to give back. By offering our ears and undivided attention, we create a safe space for students to express themselves and be heard. Through this act, we validate their experiences, demonstrate empathy, and let them know that their voices matter.

A warm hug can also be a powerful form of currency exchange. Physical touch, when appropriate and consented to, can provide comfort and reassurance, reminding students that they are not alone and that they have caring individuals in their lives.

Furthermore, our words carry immense weight. Kindness and encouragement cost us nothing, yet their impact can be immeasurable. By offering sincere praise, acknowledging their efforts, and affirming their worth, we help students develop a positive self-image and reinforce their belief in their own abilities.

When we acknowledge and honor the emotional currency that students bring to school, we create an environment that promotes their holistic well-being and growth. By exchanging the coins held within their hearts and minds, we foster connection, trust, and a sense of belonging. Students who feel seen, heard, and valued are more likely to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Let us embrace our roles as facilitators of growth, recognizing the inherent value of the currency students possess. By providing them with the care and attention they need, we can help them navigate the challenges of life, empowering them to become resilient, compassionate, and successful individuals. My Two Rules philosophy will help you begin with the organization, structure, systems, and procedures to ensure your school culture is ready for the currency exchange.

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