Checking on you

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Checking In

I received a phone call right before Thanksgiving that shocked me. My husband experienced some health issues a few months ago. Not to tell the entire story to take away from my purpose in this post, but it was disturbing news, and we did not get quality care with answers. My husband’s niece and nephew are in the medical field. My niece asked one of the doctors she works with for an opinion. She was accommodating, and so were so many others. This young 55-year-old doctor went into her office and committed suicide this past week.

A young woman, in the practice of saving lives each day, decided to take her own life. I did not meet her personally, but I was thankful for her help. This news so saddened me. It reminded me of how checking in and out with students each day is something we should do with everyone.

I had a system of a protocol as a middle school principal that no bus would be unloaded until an adult was there to welcome them to school. Adults would also be present to send them home with a positive of can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Checking on You

Do you have someone who checks on you daily? Kids often complain about having to check in sometimes, but hopefully, they understand why it is so important. Some people are all alone and do not have anyone who is checking in on them daily. It is so essential for humans, in general, to have contact with others.

There are many ways to help those in need. However, these individuals know how to keep to themselves and do not let others know of the need of others in their lives. Please look around and find the individual who is alone, keeps to themselves, or you have not spoken to. Start with a simple “Hello, how are you today?” Little conversations keep them going.

This time of year is significant for all of us. Holidays bring many emotions—Check-in and out with everyone. You may be the difference in someone’s life.

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