Checking on Leadership

Posted by Brenda Yoho

How do you check on your leadership? Do you have a checklist? Ask others? Reflect after reading about leadership?

Many ways to check on leadership as you move through your journey. Are you achieving results, winning awards, and seeing progress on goals? These all demonstrate successful leadership. What do you think about these statements?

  • Leading people is about showing up amid uncertainty.
  • I am showing up reliably in an unpredictable world.
  • We are accepting influx and adapting to change.
  • Being an effective leader in a crisis is be sturdy and solid.
  • Be a stabilizing force; focus on managing the “how” more than the “what.”
  • We can't control the “what” but can control the “how” we respond.
  • Anchor all leadership behaviors in honoring others in interactions.

It is essential to continue growing as a leader. Always remember to seek feedback from others, self-reflect, and review your progress on the vision in place. Maintaining these three areas will keep you grounded in knowing how you are doing. It is great to ask yourself questions when you reflect. This article I found utilizing questions from John Maxwell are good ones to use.

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