March is Women History Month

I continue to discover more and more about others in our journey through life. In our past, we can see a brighter future as we know today is better than yesterday and today builds the foundation for tomorrow. Join in building a foundation we can proudly stand on as history is made today.

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt confronted President John F. Kennedy about the lack of women in Government; he appointed her as head of a new commission to address the status of women in America and take on discrimination in all of its forms. Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my favorite First Ladies. I have several others, and it is not tied to a specific political party. It is based on the contributions made for others, the love of country, and the core values they demonstrated. This is how we should always describe others, not by the party line only. If you look at the numbers of women involved in politics and government today, you will see how much has changed since the time of Eleanor Roosevelt. My favorite quotes from her are:

Abigail Adams was the wife of the second President of the United States of America and the mother of the sixth President, John Quincy Adams. She lacked formal education but still influenced many! Abigail Adams spoke out for the rights of women, especially in education. My favorite quotes from her:

Barbara Bush is the wife of former President George Walker Herbert Bush. As First Lady, she was known as a family first and volunteerism. She worked diligently to focus on eradicating illiteracy, homelessness, AIDS, and supporting elderly and school volunteerism. My favorite quotes:

Many women through history have guided regaining balance gain courage and confidence when facing setbacks or challenges. I have so many women to thank in my life who guided me and continue to provide support. I have told them personally the impact they have had on my life. Some are not with us any longer but are always in my heart. Please share your stories with the great women who have impacted your life.

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