We have many days of the year marked as special days to celebrate something. Even months are dedicated to celebrating a particular cause, a point in history, or a reminder to ourselves about the importance of specific detailed information.

Do we need all of these days to remind us to celebrate events, things, people, and essential parts of who we are? We continue to add to our list of celebrations, events, and honors, but do we celebrate all of them?

Do we honor for an entire month a specific topic? If we do, do we ignore it the rest of the time? Sometimes within the month are several items to select from, so do we honor each one simultaneously?

We can make things very complicated for ourselves by trying to remember what to celebrate and when. I saw a very similar tweet this year as I did last year from one of my favorite authors. She shared a tweet from a teacher blacking out names not to identify the teacher. The tweet was straightforward, as the platform does not allow you to expand in depth. She simply made a plea to the author if she had anytime she could pop into her classroom via Zoom to share with her students during black history month. She wanted to make an impression on her students during this month by being able to accomplish anything they could dream of by providing them with an opportunity to hear from an author they admired.

The response was: “They should see us every day, not just during BH month.” In her retweet she stated, Yup, I said what most black authors were thinking.

My heart ached for the teacher; she had already presented her books to the students because she stated she was “an author they admired.” This teacher followed the calendar of the monthly celebrations we are guided to follow in the curriculum and policies to celebrate. I am sure the response embarrassed and crushed the teacher. Although, she should not be. Reaching out to ask for support from others is always a risk worth taking. Please continue to ask; you may get no response or a flat-out no. Just continue to ask, and you will find a yes along the way.

I have stated in many posts about the power in our words and our actions. It is the choices we make which determine if we are part of the solution or part of the problem. If our goals and purpose is to celebrate, then let’s celebrate. When it is a month in which you can contribute to others to help with the celebration, then help. If we do not want to do the celebrations, why do we have so many?

I am a breast cancer survivor, and we have been helping with Breast Cancer before I was diagnosed. We will continue to support this and pray for a cure.

My plans are always to give, and when others ask, I will do all I can to help them. If all of us can support each other, we will continue to be better than we were yesterday.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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