Dorothy Espelage, the distinguished William C. Friday Professor of Education at the University of North Carolina, stands as a pioneering figure in the field of psychology, specializing in bullying, youth aggression, and teen dating violence. With a wealth of authored books and over 200 publications, Espelage's impact extends globally, addressing critical issues through media appearances and influential platforms, including the White House.

Having known Dr. Espelage since 1991, my connection predates her lifetime achievement recognition by the APA and the recent honor at the 2023 World Anti-Bullying Forum. Serving as a teaching assistant, my passion for child advocacy aligns with her dedicated 30-year commitment to research and prevention.

Espelage's work transcends academia, resonating in conferences and schools where she delves into the roots of bullying, bystander behavior, and effective responses to combat school aggression. As an integral part of her research journey, my students have engaged with her impactful programs, research, fostering a shared dedication to creating safer environments for our children.

I am beyond grateful for her endorsement of my book. It is in her continued support, dedication to working on solutions and a strong passion in helping all students with the “Two Rules” we all need in life. Thank you, Dr. Dorothy Espelage for all of the work you do.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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